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You’ve got your fiancé, you’ve chosen your wedding date and now you need to find a wedding photographer. I’ve been there, and it was not easy… countless hours on Google, searching through Facebook, attending bridal shows etc… it’s a real challenge finding someone that you really click with. There is a lot of talent in Ottawa, but you need to combine talent and personality to get the full package when hiring someone that will be following you around for the majority of your wedding day.

I thought I would summarize some common questions I get when discussing wedding photography. Choosing your photographer is a big decision and one that you will cherish or regret years from now. My hopes are by the end of this post, you will be more knowledgable hiring a wedding photographer and will have a better idea of my personality and whether I might be a good fit for you :-)

Why hire me to photograph your wedding?
I consider myself fun, energetic and creative… and combing my personality with a passion for photography, makes for a unique experience.

Not only do I own pro gear, but I know how to use it – inside and out. I have experience… I have encountered unpredictable weather, timing, gear malfunctions etc. and I have a backup plan for it all. My clients are not just clients… they are people who I meet and develop a caring relationship with. And they are not forgotten when their DVD is given… we keep in touch and I share in their excitement when they have a baby or their sister gets married… whatever it is, I care and we keep in touch. Because we get to know each other before their wedding day, the pictures are extra special since they are not strangers and I know how to make them laugh and smile. I love, love… and I truely believe wedding photography is my calling.

Am I prepared for anything?
Yes. I always have a second shooter working with me which is essential for a successful day. A second camera body, spare flashes, batteries, memory cards etc are also a must. You can be rest assured you will have a risk-free experience. Rain… snow… no worries! I’ve got it covered :-)
Karen working in the rain

When will I get my pictures?
Good question! Well I’ll spoil the surprise for you… Immediately after the wedding, I go through your photos and email you a few sneak peeks to summarize the highlights of the day. By the time your wedding is over, you’ll already have an email full of photos waiting for you in your inbox!

For the full collection, I try my absolute best to guarantee the images within two weeks. However in most cases you will receive your images within a week! Trust me…. I’m just as excited to edit the photos as you are to receive them!

How do I get my pictures?
All your images will be available for hi-res download on a private web link and provided on a DVD.

How many images will I get? 
There is never a specific number as it depends on many variables including how long the wedding is, amount of time allocated for photos, transportation time etc. Ultimately I get as many as possible. But remember, quality over quantity!

Where will you take our formal pictures?
It’s your wedding, you choose! I also have many suggestions if you are looking for some different options. But remember… if time is limited, it’s better to spend quality time at one location then zipping around town trying to get pictures in different areas. This is a fun topic of discussion always enjoyed over a cup of coffee :-)

What is a sample timeline that you would recommend?
 The most common package is the Meant To Be option, which consists of 8hrs of photography. Here is an example of how you can capture all the special  moments within that time frame:

1:00 – Photographer to capture bride getting ready, 2nd photographer to capture groom getting ready
3:3o – Ceremony
4:00 – Formal family photos
4:30 – Bridal party & bride/groom photos
6:00 – Dinner, speeches to be incorporated between courses
8:00 – First dance, father/daughter & mother/son
8:15 – Dancing
8:45 – Cake cutting, bouquet toss and garter toss
9:00 – Photographer leaves

How do you feel about a ‘first look’?
That’s a whole other topic… view my “To look or not to look” blog post for all my thoughts :-)

Will my photographs be watermarked?
Absolutely not….your images will be free of any watermarks and available for personal use.

How do you feel about Pinterest?
Honestly? I LOVE it. I think it’s a fantastic way to get to know your style. I enjoy following your Pinterest Boards so I feel like I’m part of your wedding planning process! I love anything decor related so you can be assured that you will have more than enough photos of all your creative touches! If you see a particular photo(s) that you would like on your wedding day, I’m all up for attempting the shots. My goal is always to be as original as possible, but I’m there to make you happy and I can always throw in my own creative touches on those particular poses :-) Keep in mind that replicating a photo is not always possible due to many factors such as location, lighting, wardrobe etc.

Can I bring props?
Heck yes! I absolutely encourage that… I think props make wedding photos that much more personal and fun!

Myself (or my fiancé) is shy and doesn’t like getting their photos taken. What do we do?
The answer is obviously carry a flask with you the entire day for liquid courage :-)
Jokes aside, no problem and that is very normal. I don’t really enjoy smiling on command either! In my opinion, the best photos are generally candid shots. Photographs that show natural emotion are my absolute favourite. I use my telephoto lens a large portion of the day so you barely even know that I’m there. I pose when needed, then back away to give you your privacy. My advice is to relax with your family and friends… don’t worry about the camera and do your best to live in the moment!

What about my fur babies? 
When we got married, my husband made sure to have the photographer grab shots of him and our two cats. They are our children, of course they need to be in our wedding photos! Dawn and Peter had a friend bring their fur babies to the venue for a few quick shots. I’ve also photographed cats, bunnies and many dogs on wedding days. We will do what it takes to make sure your pets are included!
Dawn and Peter's Wedding

Here are some additional tips that I’ve found really help make the day run smoothly…
– Hire a wedding planner. Let them worry about all the stressful little things so you can enjoy the day!
– If you are planning your own wedding, provide your vendors with a detailed itinerary of the day so we will know what to expect, and when
– Those that are needed for pictures before the ceremony (bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents etc) to be there 15min before the actual time required. This will help ensure you keep on schedule!
– Provide a detailed list of the family shots you would like. There are too many guests to keep organized, so if I can plan the photo itinerary in advance, the formals run so much smoother!

And last but not least, for tips about bridal photos have a glance at my other post “10 Tips for Flawless Bridal Photos

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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