Christmas Photo Shoots

‘Tis the season for Christmas photo shoots! Are you excited? I really am. There’s really nothing that beats the excitement of a kid knowing Christmas is on the way! I couldn’t make up my mind on which theme, so I decided to offer two! Pick your favourite, and let’s make some memories :-)

Theme #1: Think Frozen. Or not (I’m sure everyone is a litttttle bit sick of it, but hey if it makes the kiddies happy!) Suggested outfit would be anything white, blue, or silver.

Theme #2: This is a traditional red setup with rustic accents. Plaid is highly encouraged though :-) Suggested outfit would be anything grey, white, black, red accents, or plaid… go with plaid!

Looking forward to meeting old and new families this holiday season! Contact me today to book your Christmas photo shoot!

Here are some examples of the setups!

Christmas Photo Shoot

Christmas Photo Shoot

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