101 in 1001 – First Update

I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since I sat down and wrote this list. Wow, time flies way too fast. During those two months, I’ve photographed 3 weddings, celebrated my birthday, celebrated my husbands birthday, have had 5 friends get engaged and that’s just a start…

I’ve decided to see what else has happened and what I’ve accomplished off my list so far. Perhaps if I feel I’ve been productive, I will celebrate by having pizza with the hubby tonight!

2 – Buy a new car (anyone looking to buy a bright blue Tiburon?!)
Done and done! I’m the proud owner of a Hyundai Elantra. See ya later tiny Tiburon! It was quite the headache to make this purchase but I’ve learned a lot and now have a car that is pretty darn awesome. Throughout this experience, I’ve also realized that I can seriously deal with car salesmen. Buying a car? Let me help…

3 – Return to Disney World (yes I know I’ve already been twice this year… but it really is the best place on earth!)
Yes – this is actually happening again. Brian and I booked another trip for the fall! October 18th marks the end of a really busy wedding season and it will be time to relax! Super excited to celebrate Halloween at Disney World and Universal!

17 – Photograph a friends wedding
Next year I get to photograph 2 of my friends getting married!! So excited!! Hurry up 2015…

24 – Try seafood, even just a tiny little bite
I tried Salmon. Never again.

28 – Go the Toronto Zoo, take photos, and print out some favs as artwork around the house (we love animals!)
Well it wasn’t in Toronto, but I finally went to Park Omega. It was such a blast!!! I seriously recommend it to everyone…

42 – Finally get rid of the pumpkin orange walls throughout our stairway. If I’ve never invited you over, now you know why!
This is done!!! I’m so excited!! Couldn’t have done it without the help of my sister as I am afraid of high ladders….

51 – Perform with Delbert & the Commotions – this is actually happening on June 24th!!
This was the most exciting experience I’ve had in years… if only it didn’t pour and the audience consisted of more than just our friends and family :-(

That’s me on bari sax! Photo credit by the talented Chris Mikula! 

61 – Purchase another prime lens to add to my collection
Hello 50mm 1.4! Welcome to my collection – why did I wait so long???

Well I think that’s pretty darn good.. might even have extra bacon on the pizza tonight :-) 9 more weddings to go before the end of this season. Can’t wait for each and every one!!!

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  • Sarah DoxtaterAugust 8, 2014 - 2:22 am

    Congratulations on all of the accomplishments that you’ve already been able to cross off your list. You are amazing in that when you set your mind to doing something, you actually bust your butt to do it! Keep it up girl! Love you <3ReplyCancel